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Our commitment to equity

Books over Borders is committed to building a more just and equitable world. We recognize the history of oppression that has resulted in ongoing disparities for some communities, as well as the limitations of a non-profit framework to address them. Yet, within the network of organizations with which we work, and among our board, volunteers, and other stakeholders, we believe we have opportunities to create positive systemic change. We believe that non-profits that prioritize engaging diverse perspectives evolve into inclusive and equitable organizations with a profound impact on society. For the above reasons, Books Over Borders is committed to transforming each aspect of our organization by confronting our own biases and operationalizing our values. Intention alone will not change things. To this work, we bring the successes and mistakes of our own continuing efforts achieving equity on behalf of our stakeholders and all non-profits. The mission and vision we hold for enriching the lives of children through access to high quality teaching stories, we believe, will help confront oppressive patterns of thought and can help reduce structural impediments to equitable participation in society for the historically disadvantaged. The goal of our initiatives is to build opportunities for learning, change and accountability. This work is urgent and are always learning. We take responsibility for evaluating issues of equity and for taking corrective action when shortcomings are identified. Books Over Borders is committed to our own equity journey; through the development of diversity among our board, volunteers, and the non-profit organizations with which we partner. We see ourselves as change agents and champions for an inclusive, equitable, and richly diverse global society.


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