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Whether they live in a refugee camp, a village, or the inner city we want every child to own a book of their very own.

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Thanks to supporters like you we have donated 135,000 books to Afghan children


We partner with with family literacy programs and schools to donate books to immigrant, First Nations and inner-city children across Canada.

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Beautiful and beguiling books for children

Originating from the rich Afghan, Central Asian and Middle Eastern storytelling traditions, these beautifully illustrated Teaching Stories help develop children’s insight and flexible thinking. Canadian children can discover what they share with and can learn from Eastern cultures. Young Afghans reconnect with tales lost to their families through decades of hardship and war. We provide bilingual editions in Dari, Pashtun and other Afghan Minority languages. Collected by Afghan author Idries Shah, these playful and profound tales are published by our non-profit publishing partner, Hoopoe Books for Children.

Our family literacy partners are delighted with how the books engage the children in their programs.
For our Afghan partners we provide translations in Uzbeki-Dari, as well as in the minority languages of Hazaragi and Pashai 

The Farmer's Wife - Bi-lingual
The Man and the Fox - Bi-lingual