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We believe that cross-cultural stories expand children’s minds, develop their creativity, and foster a love of learning and exploration. We are grateful for the privilege of growing up in households filled with books. We cherish the opportunity and delight when sharing stories from different countries with children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews. It is our goal that others experience these same opportunities.

Whether they live in a refugee camp, a village, or the inner city we want every child to own a book of their very own.

THE stories we share with childreN

We partner with Hoopoe Books and Kashfi’s Children to provide stories that not only entertain but help children and young adults understand themselves and their world. Originating in the storytelling traditions of Afghanistan, Central Asia, and the Middle East, these teaching tales are designed to activate contextual thinking skills that are associated with the right side of the brain. They provide a glimpse into a rich and historically vibrant culture and body of literature from this region at a time when it is much needed.

These stories help children understand human nature. They encourage qualities such as self-reliance, the ability to overcome fears caused by things children do not, as yet, understand, peaceful negotiation rather than violent confrontation, and much else.


David Cottle

David Cottle


David obtained his Geological Engineering degree in 1982. He has since resided in Calgary, working in the petroleum industry in technical, supervisory, and managerial positions. His personal interest in cultural anthropology and work with First Nations representatives prompted him to help more Canadian children overcome illiteracy.

Andrew Boden


Andrew is Executive Director of the Administrative and Professional Staff Association at Simon Fraser University. He has eighteen years of experience working in non-profit fundraising environments, in increasingly senior positions. Mr. Boden is also an author who has published his stories and poems in Canada, the United States and India. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy.

Shawn Fuller


Shawn has performed chair and board member roles for churches and co-op housing. He is a senior Business Systems Analyst at TELUS, with 20 years of experience in software development on small and large projects. He specializes in agile practices with an emphasis on facilitating team dynamics.

In Memoriam

Aubrey Davis

Aubrey Davis was the National Director and President of Books Over Borders. Since it was first created as The Institute for Cross-cultural exchange Aubrey was the heart of this organization. He inspired us with his passion, his humour, and his desire to see that children in need, everywhere, could have a book of their own. Aubrey was a connector who befriended people from all walks of life. He loved to tell stories, both his own, The Enormous Potato and Bagels from Benny, as well as the traditional tales that Idries Shah has published. Although we will miss him greatly we will continue to be inspired by his example.



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