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NEED for books in Afghanistan

“While visiting many schools in towns and villages, I had the opportunity to meet many teachers and administrators. When I asked them what they needed, there was always a one-word answer: BOOKS. That was the common request and main thread among all of them. That simple… just books.”

- Jozsef Marian, Executive Director, Books for Afghanistan

“Afghanistan’s education system has been devastated by more than three decades of sustained conflict. For many of the country’s children, completing primary school remains a distant dream – especially in rural areas and for girls…”

- UNICEF Annual Report 2019

Our efforts in afghanistan

For over 10 years, we have donated to numerous NGOs working in Afghanistan to provide new books to Afghan schools, orphanages, and libraries

How we work with our partner NGOs

Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic society with 40 minority languages. This is a major challenge for the Afghan Ministry of Education, especially for teaching reading to millions of illiterate women and girls too often confined to their homes. Books in their native languages are rare, often non-existent.

We work with SIL, a global organization that provides language development services, to donate Hoopoe books in Afghan minority languages: Uzbeki, Hazaragi, Munji, Turkmeni Shughni Sawji, Pashai, and Nuristani.

Thanks to supporters like you we have donated 135,000 books to Afghan children.

Please help us give more books to children in Afghanistan.

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